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Sara Lynn Photography

Lakeville Family Photographer

My name is Sara and I am a budding photographer. I have recently decided to step out into uncharted waters and take pictures of families other than my own.  My hobby is becoming my career and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

My love of photography started when I was just a kid. My mom had a polaroid camera. I loved it. Then I got my first camera and flash set. It was a kodak extralite with a button on the top and an on off switch.  You remember the one where you had to put the flash bulbs on yourself. I would waste so much film taking pictures of my neighbors, my animals and often my friends playing softball in my backyard. My mom never complained about the cost of film and developing it. As I got older I used disposable cameras. In high school I borrowed  my dad's Nikon camera and learned about film and black and white. I helped with the school newspaper in college and loved doing documentary style photography. After college I got married and had kids. Finally picked up and learned the new DSLR style camera and the rest is history.

Leo Carrillo at Sunset

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